Top 2018 NFL Draft Picks

Josh Allen

From the small town of Firebaugh, California, Joshua Allen began his career with an impressive spread of sports in high school, which included basketball, football, and baseball. His broadly athletic portfolio had made for impressive all-around sportsmanship, including an innate ability to find and exploit unique opportunities on the field. In his college career, he suffered a broken collarbone in the first year at Wyoming, after which he was able to remain a medical redshirt until being allowed to start for the team in his second year. With an overall NFL Combine score of 5.95, he should be in good standing to receive a starting position on whichever team is lucky enough to pick him up.

Josh Rosen

A top recruit in 2015, Rosen has proven himself at the NFL Combine as an intelligent, confident, and very capable quarterback. His early career involved a few injuries, mainly one to his shoulder that required surgery, but has not seemed to impact his performance. His footwork and overall mechanics have made him one of this year’s quarterbacks with the most showmanship. One concern is that while he is effective on the field, many elements are required to make sure his performance doesn’t falter. Rosen’s movement within the pocket, and his ability to find many opportunities makes him a potentially wonderful starter, but it is clear that a good bit of flashiness will need to be removed from his technique before scouts and team leaders take him as seriously as they should. His overall NFL Combine score of 6.20 should be more than enough to get him a starting position on most teams, as long as his slight build and prior injuries don’t put scouts on the defensive when it comes to making a choice.

Shaquem Griffin

Shaquem Griffin is a player with absolutely incredible output and drive. Born with a prenatal condition that later on saw him narrowly attempt amputation of his left hand to end the painful symptoms he suffered as a child. That said, his physical limitations seems almost nonexistent when on the field. Griffin crushed the 40-yards dash as a linebacker, with an impressive 4.38-second time. Also, he dominated the bench-press with 20 reps at 225-lbs, and has proven himself a fierce competitor on the pitch. This is someone who has obviously made it a point to show the world his abilities go much farther than the perceptions of the scouts watching him. While he does have some work to do in the way of winning challenges of strength, as well as improving his tackling ability, Shaquem has proven himself a formidable force on the pitch, especially when it comes to break-away sprints along the edges, or agile movement within a small space, this is man with a lot to give to any team that picks him up.

Saquon Barkley

Saquon entered the NFL Combine as a player everyone wanted to watch, and  his amazing performance garnered him a grade of 7.45, and almost secured his name as being the first one called on the first night of the Draft. He has proven himself a hard worker on the field, and an equally dedicated worker in the weight-room, which has grown him into a relentless force of strength and speed on the pitch. His footwork, when coupled with a gravity-defying 41-inch vertical leap make him phenomenal at avoiding tackles and gaining ground on opponents. Also, his short and flexible frame carrier a lot of muscle that Barkley moves around gracefully to remain poised and balanced on the field. Next, his capacity for reading players on the field and anticipating their actions makes for some impressive dodging and maneuvering on his end. Overall, Barkley is definitely on track to become the shining star of the NFL Combine, as well as the top rookie at whichever team he lands at.