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Disclaimer: This is not a Wonderlic test and the scores derived from it may not accurately reflect the score you would attain on the Wonderlic test.

The Wonderlic Test

April is the time of the pro football draft–a time when the physical performance of pro football candidates is closely measured and compared. But the testing doesn't stop at the bench press and broad jump. Players are also administered a unique intelligence measurement called the Wonderlic Personnel Test. The test is a sort of IQ test used to measure players' aptitude for learning and problem solving. The possible score range is 1 to 50. The average football player scores around 20 points and scoring at least 10 points suggests a person is literate.

Now you have the opportunity to determine your own intelligence score. Best of all, you are compared to top pro football players—from Vince Young who barely scraped by with a 6 to former punter Pat McInally who has the only perfect score on the Wonderlic in league history.

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Best Wonderlic Score Ever?

Pat Mcinally, a former punter for the Cincinnati Bengals, is the only player to have ever gotten a perfect score of 50. He took the test again in 2007 and, Mcinally stated, "missed one. not a bad score after six concussions." Can you beat that?

QB Average Score?

According to Paul Zimmerman's The New Thinking Man's Guide to Pro Football, the average score of an NFL quarterback is 26. Most teams want at least a 21 for a quarterback.

Offensive Tackles

Have the highest average score among players, with an average score of 26. Which position tends to score the lowest? That would be a halfback, with an average score of 16.