Josh Allen's Wonderlic Test Score

Wonderlic scores from this year’s NFL Combine have confirmed Josh Allen as a shining star among the players destined for the NFL. Not only did he display fantastic athletic ability at the Combine, with an outstanding QB arsenal given his rocket-powered arm, incredible intuition, and awesome adaptability to changing field scenarios, his Wonderlic score has confirmed the thoughts of many - that Josh Allen is a unique and potentially powerful addition to any team. Allen is already bigger than Jay Cutler, and probably has a bigger arm than him, too.

At his absolute best, if his ball placement from clean pockets is fine-tuned in the NFL, Allen can be Cutler-esque, especially with his powerful arm, ability to work well under pressure, and overall talent that allow all points on the field to be in play when he is on the field, which should make for some very interesting plays when his time to shine comes around in the NFL.

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Josh Allen Wonderlic Score

Josh Allen's Wonderlic Score is 37