Girbran Hamdan's Wonderlic Test Score

Girbran Hamdan is the son of a Pakistani mother and Palestinian father. Born in San Diego, Hamdan spent several of his childhood years in Kuwait before the early-1990s war with Iraq destroyed his family's home while they were on vacation in the US. Hamdan's family settled in the DC area, where he picked up football. A success at Bishop Denis J. O'Connell High School in Arlington, VA, Hamdan earned the starting job at Indiana University by his senior year, which was a success. Entering the NFL with a Wonderlic Test Score of 32, Hamdan was initially a Washington Redskin. Soon, he was playing for NFL Europe and the Arena Football League. In NFL Europe, he was 2006's MVP.

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Girbran Hamdan Wonderlic Score

Girbran Hamdan's Wonderlic Score is 32