Dante Kanner's Wonderlic Test Score

Dante Kanner is a college quarterback headed to the professional ranks. All college players need to take the Wonderlics Test before entering the pros. The score for Kanner was low, he received a 16 Wonderlic Test Score. He will not have to go to summer school but football coaches might have to spend more time with this student. Tom Brady, everybody's favorite quarterback got a 33, Peyton Manning a 28 but his brother Eli won the family Wonderlics title with a very respectible 39. The best score by far was from Ryan Fitzpatrick from Harvard, which may be telling, and was alone at 48, no one else was within 5 points.
Don't despair Dante, Donovan McNabb, Dan Marino and Terry Bradshaw are in your category.

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Dante Kanner Wonderlic Score

Dante Kanner's Wonderlic Score is 16